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OPI ProSpa Pedicures

OPI ProSpa introduces the first and only professional salon skincare line that brings the quality and efficacy of facial skincare to premium products developed specifically for hands and feet.

Luxury Pedicure

75 Minutes

Soothe, relax and pamper with the ultimate pedicure experience.  

This luxurious pedicure includes:


Nails filed to shape, Advanced Callus Softening Gel, Hard skin removal, Soothing Foot Soak, Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Cuticles pushed back and treated,  Soothing Moisture Mask (heated booties optional), Leg and foot massage using Moisture Whip Cream, OPI Nail Lacquer, Intensive Callus Smoothing Balm and Moisture Bonding Ceramide Spray.


Signature Pedicure

45 Minutes.

Experience a new standard in pedicure services.  Our Signature Pedicure includes:

Nails filed to shape, Soothing Foot Soak, Exfoliating Sugar Scrub, Hard skin       removal, Cuticles pushed back and treated, Leg and foot massage using the    Moisture Whip Massage Cream, OPI Nail Lacquer.


Add Shellac to any pedicure


French Polish Add on


Nail Art - Per nail from


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Callus Peel Treatment

Book and pay for a course of three callus peel treatments and receive a 10% discount.

Callus Peel Treatment

45 Minutes

Transform the way your feet look and feel with this intensive, hydrating treatment.  Tough, dry and cracked skin on the feet is softened and removed easily so results can be seen after just one treatment – more than one treatment may be required depending upon the extent of calluses. 


Add a Callus Peel Treatment to any pedicure


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